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Resuscitating ``Living Genealogy 2.0``

Reading Randy Seaver's blog about ``I Remember``, Footnote Pages for Facebook reminded me of a similar site that I discovered about a year and a half ago. It is Living Genealogy 2.0., a free site where you can make ancestor pages and places pages and others can add comments, stories, pictures. There are great features on this site, such as the Image Gallery. Each picture has a separate link, but when you go to the image gallery, the images are full-size images and you can navigate between pictures.There are user genealogy blogs and user groups as well.
I forgot all about the site and the blog after making a few ancestor pages and a place page. I put a link in my profile on Facebook. The site hasn't had much traffic lately, I guess most everybody forgot about it. Here is my grandmother's page: Ruby Fairbairn and her grandmother's page: Jane McDowell Fairbairn. I made a places page of the Niagara Region also.
I hope that the website recovers, it is a great idea, but needs more traffic. Now that it`s joined Twitter it may be able to get enough traffic to survive. The problem with Twitter is that you have to use it for it to be any good, just getting followers isn`t going to do it, they have to send out some tweets once in a while and let people know about the site.

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