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Genealogy Prompt #28 - The Magic of Rootsmagic

I have been using Rootsmagic genealogy software for a few years, I started with version 3 and upgraded to version 4 when it was released in the spring. When I started researching my family history I used the PAF program to record my data. Although it was functional, and free, I wanted a program that had more features and was more user-freindly.

I used trial versoins of different programs until I found the one I liked. That was Rootsmagic, it has all of the bells and whistles anybody could ask for, editing, reports, charts, records, pdf. books, shareable CDs, scrapbooks etc.

The shareable CDs are fully functional Rootsmagic programs that only have one database, and is uneditable. Everything works just like the original program, even the web search feature! Books, reports, charts etc. are all printable. The opening page of the program is editable also, you can have a Title page with photos, if desired. I am going to be making some at my family reunion.

I really like the Rootsmagic-to-go feature in version 4, you can have a fully functional program anywhere you go, installed on a USB flash drive. If hard drive space is a premium, you don't have to install the program on your computer. You can take it everywhere and open and edit the data when and where you are doing research, instead of gathering info to enter into your program when you get home, so that your database is kept up -to-date more accurately and efficiently.

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