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Madness Monday - Nettie Kennedy

Henrietta (Nettie) Haines, my grand-aunt, was born in Welland, Ontario, Canada about 1875. She married William Lynch who was 11 years her senior on August 1, 1892. She was widowed after a few years and decided to go to New York with her younger sister, Jessie. She met and married David Kennedy who was the manager of a department store in Harlem. David Kennedy had three children, George, Irene and Clara.
On Jan. 13th, 1918 David came home drunk and and shot Nettie three times in the back of the neck. George heard his step-mother's screams and came to her aide, and had his back broken by his father. Both Nettie and George died within a half hour of each other at different New York hospitals.

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