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"Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is"

I have been studying my Loyalist ancestors for a couple of years, and, I'm finally "putting my money where my mouth is" (do they use that cliche anymore??) and joining the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada-UELAC. I decided to join the Bicentennial Branch as this branch is the closest to my location. I would like to join the Col. John Butler Branch as well, because that is the location of my Loyalist ancestors, but first things first.

To become a member of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada you do not have to be a descendant of a Loyalist, or even live in Canada. There are members worldwide who have an interest in history of the Revolutionary War, Canada and the Loyalist period in history.

I received the membership application form from the Bicentennial Branch last summer, but have been unable to make a commitment to the association for several reasons, but now I will be able to.

I have had the application form filled out for a while, listing my direct line of descent from Joseph Haines, Sr. through to my father, Earl Hines. Joseph Haines, Sr. has been "proven" as a Loyalist in the directory on the UELAC website. Nathaniel Haines hasn't been "proven" yet, so I will be the first descendant of Nathaniel Haines to pursue my certification. When a Loyalist ancestor is "proven", you just have to show descent from that person. If the person is in the directory, and is not "proven", then you must show documentation that the person was a United Empire Loyalist as well.

To apply for certification, first you must have documentary proof of the person having been recognized as a United Empire Loyalist by the Government of the day, through Loyalist land claims, patents, claims for losses, Orders in Coucil, military duties, etc.

Second, a member has to show proof of descent from the Loyalist ancestor, through birth, marriage, death and census records, family Bibles, wills, etc.

The membership application asks for the names of descendants of the applicant as well. If they wish to be certified, the descendants will be able to use the applicant's certification and just pay a nominal fee for their certification.

The only officially recognized hereditary title in Canada is "U.E." or "Unity of the Empire", which can only be used after a person's name if the person is a certified descendant of a United Empire Loyalist. My reason for wanting to be certified is to honour my Loyalist ancestors and show my recognition and appreciation of the great sacrifices they made for the future generations (me).

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