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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - 4th of July

Since I live so close to the border, Windsor and Detroit celebrate the International Freedom Festival, which starts in June and runs for two weeks. We often go to watch the Freedom Festival Fireworks on the Detroit River, which is one of the biggest displays in the world. When we can't make it to the fireworks, we can watch them on TV. The fireworks were held on June 24th this year, I remember when I was young, they were always held between the 1st and 4th of July.

I lived in Windsor for about five years, twenty years ago, and the first year, we watched the fireworks from the rooftop of my mom's apartment building, but the rest of the time we just walked down to the river, about 5 minute walk, and watched them.

Yesterday, we celebrated my husband's birthday, which is tomorrow, with a barbecue at my son's house. The guys played Bocci Ball and had fun starting the campfire, and my grandkids had fun eating (and wearing) mulberries. We got home in time to watch some fireworks on TV.

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