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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Google Me

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver at Genea-musings.

It's Saturday Night, and time for some Genealogy Fun. Here are the directions (I know, not everyone follows directions to these little escapades, but what matters are the results, not being a stickler for details) for tonight's little game:

1) Google yourself at Put your first name, middle initial and last name, plus the name of your city or town in the Search box to see what other persons may have mentioned you online, or to see which blog aggregators are "collecting" you.

2) Then go to the "Images," "Videos" and "News" links and see what they show.

3) Tell us about any surprises you found, either in your blog or in Comments to this post.

Earline Bradt, Leamington, Ontario
web - 388 hits, 84 hits more relevant, 10 with all words
images - 46 from blogs

Earline Hines Bradt, Leamington, Ontario
web - 309 hits, 10 all words
Images - 155 hits, 150 images

Earline Bradt, SW Ontario
web - 1380 hits,
images - 288 hits,

Surprises - there is a site which is mapping my Twitter relationships here:

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