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About Viviti:"Our goal was to create something easy to use for anyone, but powerful enough for professionals as well. We all use it to maintain our personal blogs, but it can be used for so much more than that."Viviti started as a big idea in the small town of Parksville on the West coast of Canada.What if we threw out the conventional idea of a CMS (content management system) and made it so you could edit your site while looking at it, right in your browser? We were sold on the idea rig…

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Sharing My Loyalist Research

While researching my Loyalist ancestors, I have acquired quite a bit of information, from many different sites on the web. After two years of researching and storing of information about "All Things Loyalist" I found there was not one group I could join to share my finds and post queries that dealt with Loyalists in particular, there were several Canadian genealogy sites and Rev. War sites, but no UEL group. Last fall, just before MSN Groups announced the closing of it's doors, I started a group…

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Happy Canada Day!

We are going to celebrate Canada Day by flying a new flag on our flag pole. The neighbourhood was ready to take up a collection to buy a new flag for our pole as it was left up over the winter and was tattered and faded, so my husband bought a new flag. The only problem was that it was way too small, about the size of a dish towel. So for the past month we've been pretending that we had a very tall flag pole, lol.

We bought another flag, the right size for the pole, a couple of weeks ago and deci…

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Happy Loyalist Day! My Loyalist Ancestors

My Loyalist ancestors came from Tryon County, New York, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.The Haines family came from Germany and were living in Johnstown, in the Mohawk Valley when they had to make a choice, follow the crowd or do what's right. They chose the latter and endured the wrath of the rebels. The able-bodied men were mustered into John Butler's Corp of Rangers which later became known as Butler's Rangers. Mrs. Joseph Haines, Sr. (her name is not known) stayed …

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"Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is"

I have been studying my Loyalist ancestors for a couple of years, and, I'm finally "putting my money where my mouth is" (do they use that cliche anymore??) and joining the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada-UELAC. I decided to join the Bicentennial Branch as this branch is the closest to my location. I would like to join the Col. John Butler Branch as well, because that is the location of my Loyalist ancestors, but first things first.

To become a member of the United Empire Loyalist Ass…

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Wordless Wednesday - Niagara region, Ontario, Canada

Since yesterday was my anniversary, I decided to post some of my honeymoon pictures from June 2001.


my husband

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Madness Monday - Nettie Kennedy

Henrietta (Nettie) Haines, my grand-aunt, was born in Welland, Ontario, Canada about 1875. She married William Lynch who was 11 years her senior on August 1, 1892. She was widowed after a few years and decided to go to New York with her younger sister, Jessie. She met and married David Kennedy who was the manager of a department store in Harlem. David Kennedy had three children, George, Irene and Clara.
On Jan. 13th, 1918 David came home drunk and and shot Nettie three times in the back of the ne…

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Happy Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a holiday to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. When I was young there was a rhyme about it, " The 24th of May is the Queen's birthday, if you don't give us a holiday we'll all run away!" So, why is it a week early this year? Why do we even celebrate it at all?
The only thing the kids growing up now know is that it's the long weekend.

Victoria Day

Queen Victoria (1837-1901)In Canada, the celebration of Victoria Day occurs every year on Monday, prior to May 25th. It is the official celebration in Can…

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Happy Mother's Day!

This is my first Mother's Day that I am celebrating without a visit with my mother. I can still remember the first store-bought Mother's Day Gift we gave our Mom. Dad gave us some money to go uptown and buy her a gift. "Uptown" consisted of a hardware store, a grocery store, and a convenience store, so we searched and finally came home with what we thought was the best choice for Mom. It was a small ceramic figurine of a skunk with real fur on the tail. When she looked at it she would always re…

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"Legacy To Buxton" by Arlie C Robbins

I am always looking in the book section when I go to yard sales and flea markets. I have found quite a few books about Canadian history, and family history books including some interesting local history books. I must admit, that since I was a child and I first went to "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Dresden, Ontario, I have been interested in the black history of the area. This book is the history of North Buxton, the Elgin Settlement, about where the people came from, a history of Africa, colonial Am…

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Mystery May Be Solvable

I have been contacted by a fourth cousin yesterday who may have solved the mystery of why my great-grandfather changed our surname. She was told by a family member that John Haines was being harassed by the telephone company because he had the same name as another man in the area who was being sued. She said that he had the name legally changed, so now I'm on a hunt for any records of the legal name change.

I couldn't find any records to support the story about a legal name change, for any…

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There are quite a few resources at Ancestry by subscription that can be had for free if you just know where to look. Internet Archive is an underused resource with such treasures as the Winslow Papers, Edgerton Ryerson's Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Upper Canada where the old loyalist list is located, History of Plimouth Plantation (from William Bradford's book), all sorts of town records, military records, muster rolls, history books, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, genea…

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Wordless Wednesday

Alexander Taylor, son of Alexandre Taylor and Grace Duncan, circa 1860
2nd great-uncle

Alexander Taylor & Mary Smith Taylor, circa 1860

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COG Local History - "The Tomato Capital of Canada", Leamington, Ontario

Essex County was at one time, completely under ice, and when it receded the first bluff of land to emerge was the Ridge, just west of the town of Leamington, which was made as the glaciers receded. The inhabitants of the area were Iroquois Indians, who were a warring nation. Essex County was one of the last areas in the province to be settled for this reason. Samuel de Champlain made raids against the Iroqois in 1609 and 1615 and was able to penetrate the lands as far as the Detroit River. Lake …

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Genealogy of a Country_ Is it Possible?

I wonder... If the Canada 150 Project reaches it's goal of 150,000 Canadian family histories by July 1, 2017, what is the chance of everyone in the country not being included, in some way. Considering the population of early French-Canada with it's limited gene pool, the UE Loyalists numbering under 30,000, and the immigration from the UK in the ninteenth century, 150, 000 genealogies may cover the whole population of Canada! It is quite an undertaking, but it may be possible.

With all of these …

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My Genealogy Research Techniques - Weekly Blogging Prompt # 14

Week #14: Talk about the different types of technology you use in your genealogy research. Whether it’s a new search engine, a special application, or anything else “2.0,” let readers know what you’re working with, and how it’s working for you.

I guess I am your stereotypical "pyjama genealogist", I 'm wearing them right now! I rarely go out of the house to do my genealogy research. I have gone to libraries, but my local library only has local family histories, so I do most of my resear…

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Improvements in Rootsmagic

I've used Rootsmagic 3 for a few years now, and have been singing it's praises ever since. I started out with the trial version which allowed you to explore the features, but there was a limit on the size of the database. It was the most user-freindly program IMO with easy to follow instructions and a lot of features. I liked the Rootsmagic 3 features for sharing, making cds, charts, reports etc. in different styles, as well as a website builder. I like the fact that it is compatible with other…

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St. Patrick's Day

family website glitter text at
Check out the St.Patrick's Day Parade
at Small-Leaved Shamrock's site

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Getting Creative with my Family History

There are several resources on the internet that allow you to be creative with your genealogy. No, I don't mean creating lost ancestors, or fabricating your family history, I am talking about how you present your genealogy for others to see. You can be as simple or as elaborate as your imagination allows, with the Digital Photo applications available today, or, if you aren't feeling inspired to create on your own, you can let the applications assist you in your creations.
I like using Scrapblog …

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Tombstone Tuesday - The Family Plot

The Hines Family - Woodslee United Church/Jarriett Cemetery
Woodslee, Ontario, Canada

My dad, Earl Douglas Hines 1926-1996

My grandparents, Wm. Edgar Hines and Josephine Desbiens and my aunt Evelyn.

My great-grandparents, John Hines and Harriet Doan and my grand-uncle, Wm. John (John) Hines.

Memorial to my grand-uncle, Fleming W. Hines.

My grand-aunt, Harriet Melinda Hines 1899-1906

My grand-uncle Edward Hines and grand-aunt Emma Ebbinghaus

My grand-aunt, Catherine Hines and grand-uncle. Wm. Jariett


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