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And The Winner Is....Win 7

The waiting is over, today is the day that Windows 7 hits store shelves, and I can't wait to install my copy. I have been using the RC version for a few months now, I have it installed on my notebook and have been running Vista and Win 7, comparing the different features of each operating system and Win 7 wins, hands down.

My system runs a lot cooler and smoother on Win 7 compared to Vista. I have a problem with overheating with Vista, if I run the virus scan, download and install updates or have more than one program running, it will overheat and shut down. This happened several times a day and I was afraid that it would fry my hard drive. I installed Windows 7 Release Candidate and I have only had a problem with overheating a few times in months.

I like the Snipping Tool which I use all of the time, I have it in the Taskbar, handy when I need it. When you take a snip, it gets saved to your "Pictures" folder in your "Library", which is the "folder" icon on the Taskbar for easy access.

The Sticky Notes are handy for jotting down info or copying and pasting any text into.

The taskbar itself is designed differently, instead of having lots of windows open, the programs in use are highlighted and when you hover over the taskbar icon you get a view of the open program. It is a lot cleaner looking and easier to navigate.

Windows 7 has an "Action Center" where you can resolve compatability issues, download and install needed updates updates and backup your files. You can see if there are any issues with your system, updates, backup reminders etc. by just clicking on the "flag" icon in the taskbar.

These are the features that I use most often, but there are a lot more, like the "Windows Search" and the TV>PC in the media center. I am anxious to see if there were any last-minute changes to the Windows 7 that weren't in the RC version.

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