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Blogging On The Go Is Great!

Giving birth to new ideas and sharing them is what blogging is all about. I was intrigued by footnoteMaven's post about "killing the baby" and have been guilty of infanticide myself, too many times to count.

I have a hidden disability, brain damage and cannot communicate as well verbally as I can with the written word, so when I started blogging about my family history, I accomplished two different things, I am able to share my family history with an interested audience, and I am able to communicate my thoughts better when I write them down. When I am speaking, I am sometimes at a loss for words. I have to consciously think about what I'm going to say beforehand, which has one benefit of keeping my foot out of my mouth. ;-)

Often I start writing a post and lose my train of thought or get interrupted and have to save it as a draft until I can finish my post. Sometimes, I have to research a topic that I'm blogging about further, so I save it for later. When I go back to the post later, I read it through and almost always redo the whole post, sometimes even the title.

I often think about a good topic for a blog post while I'm away from my computer, so I have recently acquired a Blackberry and use the Memo pad to jot down my ideas and gather information. When I have everything I want to include (links, photos, etc.) I can email the post from my Blackberry. I have it set to send to "Draft", so when I go online, I can easily edit and publish it.

Blogging with my Blackberry has several advantages, I can keep track of the different blog carnivals and events in the Google calendar. I can use the tasks and be notified of deadlines before-hand, in case I forget. I can jot down ideas and thoughts in the Memo pad before they're gone and create an email post, attaching any pictures, files anywhere I am.

Reading blogs is something else I do with my Blackberry, I can see any new posts from my reading list, I can read the full posts, mark them as read, go to the blog, comment wherever I am, sitting in the waiting room at the Dr.s office, on road trips, anywhere. I can also update to Twitter and Facebook. I really am starting to enjoy using my Blackberry as a tool for blogging on the go!

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation from Blackberry for this endorsement.

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