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Cabinet of Curiosities 15th Edition - What did I dig up?

While we were digging our pond, about 3 feet down, I came across this piece of iron. It just looked like a chunk of rust when I first saw it, but after cleaning off some of the mud and rust,it started to take shape. When I first cleaned it off, there were thin, black pieces of what I thought looked like leather on the rusty metal that had mineralized and they fell off with the rust. It has a round end and the other end is tapered and flattened. On the round end it looks like there is threading. like a screw, but when you look closer, it isn't one spiral groove, it is several separate grooves in a row, not evenly spaced. the centre of it is flat and it is hard to see from the pictures, but there is a square depression like there once was a handle, but it is filled in with rust and I'm afraid to clean it any further, I don't want to damage it any more than it already is.

I took it to the curator at Fort Malden to look at, and he took some pictures of it. He said that it was hand-wrought iron, but it looked too small to be a trade tomahawk. I haven't heard anything back from him yet.

I am curious to know where it came from, whether or not it is a tomahawk. The lot we live on is listed as part of a farm lot, but it's right downtown, there hasn't been a farm here for probably 100 years, our house is about 90 years old, and it doesn't look like any part of any farm equipment that would have been used back then. Have you any ideas?

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