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Who Is "Genealogy" And What Can We Do To Protect Our Blogs?

Thomas MacEntee brought this subject to our attention last summer on the group on Facebook as well as at Geneabloggers. Splogs are created to direct traffic to their site which is full of stolen content. I was on Your Family Tree, a splog that Thomas MacEntee alerted us about and it was like deja vu, a lot of blog posts that I've read before. I haven't seen any of my posts out there yet but I searched and found a Follow Friday Geneabloggers post that mentioned my blog. I didn't take time to go through over 1800 genealogy posts that were there, so there probably is one. To people that aren't bloggers, the site looks like an authentic research site, but once you start searching, it is obvious that none of the material on the site is original.

I have posted my Creative Commons License on my website but I don't think anyone from these sites actually go to the sites to read them, so I am going to be putting my license on every blog post. It clearly states that it is not to be used on a commercial website. I hope that this makes them think twice about adding my content to their sites.

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