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Genealogy And The Next Generation

Thanks to the internet and the rising popularity of genealogy, the next generation will find it a lot easier to trace their ancestry and learn about their ancestors. New websites for researching family history are sprouting up, more databases are added all the time and more genealogy blogs are being created every day.

A lot of the genealogy sites are aware of the trend and have pages and activities that help get children involved in discovering their family history, making it fun, like Family Tre…

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Hallowe'en Family History Projects For Kids

Autumn is the best season to get your kids and grand kids interested in their family history. There are opportunities available this time of year that might not interest them at another time . Now is the time to take the kids to visit their ancestors. They can go during the daytime if they scare easily.

I have been trying to come up with a Hallowe'en project for my grand kids to help me with, I decided that, keeping in the Hallowe'en spirit, we'd try our hands at gravestone rubbings. They can loo…

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