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Researching My Family - Part 2 - Obituaries- John Hines

The obituaries in newspapers have quite a bit of information. I found this obituary for my great-grandfather, John Hines in the Essex Free Press Archives:

From my great-grandfather's obituary I have secondary proof that:

  • John Hines' father was Benjamin and he had seven brothers and one sister, just as the family census for Benjamin Haines in Niagara Township, Lincoln County in 1851 and 1861 show.
  • He was born and grew up in Niagara Township, Lincoln County.
  • Before John Haines was married to …

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Tombstone Tuesday - The Family Plot

The Hines Family - Woodslee United Church/Jarriett Cemetery
Woodslee, Ontario, Canada

My dad, Earl Douglas Hines 1926-1996

My grandparents, Wm. Edgar Hines and Josephine Desbiens and my aunt Evelyn.

My great-grandparents, John Hines and Harriet Doan and my grand-uncle, Wm. John (John) Hines.

Memorial to my grand-uncle, Fleming W. Hines.

My grand-aunt, Harriet Melinda Hines 1899-1906

My grand-uncle Edward Hines and grand-aunt Emma Ebbinghaus

My grand-aunt, Catherine Hines and grand-uncle. Wm. Jariett


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Why so much interest in the Doane family?

The reason is simple, two of my great-grandmothers, both maternal and paternal, were Doans. On my paternal side, Harriet Fernetta Doan, my great-grandmother, was the 2nd great-granddaughter of Titus Doane, Sr., great-granddaughter of Titus Doane, Jr., grand-daughter of Isaac Doan, daughter of Linus and Hannah (Doan) Doan. Harriet was born in Ohio in Dec. of 1854 and came to Canada Jan. 1855. The family must have been to Ohio visiting for Christmas when Harriet was born, as they lived in Wellan…

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My Namesake

I grew up in a village, population of about 6oo, in the sixties and whenever anyone asked my name, the next question asked: how do you spell it? I've gotten so used to my name being misspelled and mispronounced that I found myself responding to 'Elaine', 'Eilene', 'Ailene', 'Arlene', 'Darlene', 'Earlynn' or anything that sounded close, because I got tired of saying, "I was named after my father who's name is Earl". At that time in my life I would have given anything to be named 'Jane'.

Now, lo…

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My Mother, the Poet

Marian Joyce Neil Hines Nov.30, 1936 - August 15, 2008

I have just recently started blogging, I'm still getting used to writing in whole sentences where my genealogy is concerned, I've been so accustomed to genealogy short-forms and fact-gathering. Now, to put the facts together in sentences that are interesting to read as well as informative to tell their story.
I am not a writer, I have always liked creative writing, but I didn't excel in it. My mom was a poet, she could create a poem about anyt…

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My Grand-uncle Was My Muse

My grand-uncle, Fleming Hines, was the inspiration for my family history research, I can even recall the very date that I started, because it was his birthday, January 18, 2006, he was born January 18, 1897. I had no idea what day he was born until then. I just knew that he died during the First World War, still in his teens, and buried in France. He was a private in the 19th Battalion,Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment).
I feel that it was more than a coincidence that I was drawn to the…

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Haines Strains

I have been researching the Haines/Hains/Haynes surname trying to figure out just where my 4th great-grandfather, Joseph Haines, Sr., fit in. At the beginning of my research, I was researching the wrong surname altogether. I spent a good six months researching the Hines surname, only to find out that my great-grandfather changed our surname from Haines to Hines. It was news to me!

The reason for the change is a mystery, as is the fact that the males were raised as Hines from birth and the girls w…

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