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You Don't Have To Be Canadian To Be A Certified U.E.

I am applying for my U.E. certification this week, and with Kathryn Lake's help, I will have my certificate in September, she is our branch genealogist. I was going to wait until after my visit to Brock University and The Friends Of The Loyalist Collection in July, but I am sure I have enough sources to prove my loyalist ancestry from Joseph Haines Sr. U.E.L. and his son, Nathaniel Haines U.E.L.. Anything I find when I go to the Niagara region in the summer will be for my research. I am going t…

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Dutchess of Cornwall Gets UELAC Certification

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Shand Parker Bowles Windsor has loyalist ancestry? I was reading the Loyalist Times weekly newsletter this morning and was a little surprised that the Duchess of Cornwall had loyalist ancestors, I wasn't too surprised though, knowing that she had Acadian ancestors, it wouldn't be a far stretch in the time-line for her to have loyalist ancestors as well. Camilla's Acadian/French Canadian ancestors and her loyalist ancestors are both on her maternal line, no surpri…

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"Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is"

I have been studying my Loyalist ancestors for a couple of years, and, I'm finally "putting my money where my mouth is" (do they use that cliche anymore??) and joining the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada-UELAC. I decided to join the Bicentennial Branch as this branch is the closest to my location. I would like to join the Col. John Butler Branch as well, because that is the location of my Loyalist ancestors, but first things first.

To become a member of the United Empire Loyalist Ass…

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