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A Little Background About the Bradt Family

The Bradt family originated in Norway and went to Holland before coming to the New World in the 1630's. The Loyalist Bradt family lived in the Mohawk Valley in New York. They had a large estate and were considered fairly well-off. After the Revolutionary war broke out, they joined John Butler's Corps of Rangers. They sacrificed everything they owned when they sided with the British. Several of the Bradt men were ranking officers in the Butler's Rangers. Catherine Bradt Butler, who was tak…

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Wordless Wednesday - David Scott's Family

My husband's great-grandparents' family, the Scotts

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Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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Surname Saturday - Bradt

I am gathering information about my husband's ancestors and here's what I have so far.

Myndert (Minor) Bradt was born in Albany, New York in 1758 and was baptized in 1760. His parents were Jan Brat and Sanje Zeger (John Bradt and Susan Seger)of Albany , New York.
Minor Bradt joined the Butler's Rangers and settled in the Home District after the Revolutionary War. He married Catherine Van Alstine in Niagara and had several children.

One son, William Bradt, married Eizabeth Austin. The Bradt family…

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Surname Saturday - Brat, Bradt

My husband is descended from the Albany Brat family, Albert the Norman" Brat, his brother founded the Schenectady family. I started a new database for my husband's family. I've been gathering Dutch Reformed Church records from Albany before the Rev. War. They spelled the surname Brat in the records. I was looking for John Bradt who was married to Susan Seger, I found him, Jan Brat, married to Zantje Zeger.

I found the baptismal records for their son, Myndert (Minor), a private in Butler's Rangers…

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Wordless Wednesday - On The Island

Charles Phipps, husband of Emma Bradt on his farm on Pelee Island.
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