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Follow Friday -United Empire Loyalists Association (UELAC) on Facebook

The UELAC has an open group on Facebook whick is moderated by the past Dominion President, Fred Hayward, U.E. It is a great site for members of different branches of the UELAC to get together and share information as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about the UELAC and membership.

Historians interested in the Revolutionary War and the history of North America will find this group worth checking out too. Genealigists and famikly researchers who have a loyalist or two in their tr…

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From Blogger To Editor


When I became a member of the Bicentennial Branch of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada I thought that I would be able to find more information about the loyalists, maybe find some more resources for my research,  little did I know that two years later I would be the newsletter editor for my branch.

It is this blog that brought me the opportunity to be the branch newletter editor. Bonnie Schepers U.E., the current editor was looking for a replacement because she had been ele…

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Jerry Douglas Fisher U.E., April 8,1947- Aug. 4, 2010

I have lost an important genealogy contact for my Doan family research, Jerry Fisher U.E. 

From the Loyalist Trails newsletter :

Last Post: Jerry Douglas Fisher  U.E. April 8, 1947-August 4, 2010

    Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch Members were shocked and saddened to learn that the Branch Assistant Genealogist, Jerry Douglas Fisher  U.E. passed away on Wednesday August 4th, 2010 at the Welland Hospital. Jerry was the dear friend of Gail Woodruff. Loving father of Shelly Mae Fisher (Wi…

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Sentimental Sunday - Cemetery Ceremony

My husband and I went to the renaming  of the Steele Cemetery to the Doan Cemetery yesterday on our way home and unveiling of the plaque presented by the Heritage Port Colborne Committee.


There is an article about it here: Welland Tribune.

Here is a video of the unveiling of the plaque by the mayor of Port Colborne, Vance Badaway. He spoke of the history of Port Colborne and Humberstone Township and the Doan family's mark on the community. The hospital in Port Colborne is on land originall…

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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - Government Resources

Library and Archives Canada is one of many government sites for researching your loyalist ancestor. The LAC has many original documents on microfilms that can be ordered. You can browse the topics alphabetically or search the archives. There are land records, military records, censuses and several collections as well that can be ordered on microfilm. The censuses on-line don't have much data about loyalist families, but they can be used to determine where the descendants of the  family settled …

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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - Internet Archive

I have found that e-books that are downloadable and  for reading at leisure can be very helpful. Internet Archive has several books available about the United Empire Loyalists and the Revolutionary War that I have found invaluable. I have downloaded several and saved to read offline. The pdf books are searchable and the text can be easily copied and pasted. They are available in several formats for easy reading.

To get the most results I decided to try different keywords, I entered United Emp…

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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - UELAC

One of the first sites I went to when I started to research my loyalist ancestors was the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada or UELAC website. I learned a bit more about who the loyalists were. I also checked the Loyalist Directory on the site, where there is a list of all known loyalists and more names are being added all the time. I found my ancestors Joseph Haines, Sr. and Nathaniel Haines listed in the directory and found that Joseph Haines,Sr. had proven descendants but Nathan…

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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - Resources

I am currently researching my Loyalist ancestors and I have found information in several different places, on-line, in published works, libraries and museums. First, I would lke to share some of my on line resources.
The Card Catalogue at has many reference books such as:

  • Coldham, Peter Wilson. American Migrations 1765-1799: The lives, times, and families of colonial Americans who remained loyal to the British Crown before, during and after the Revolutionary War, as related in …

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What Is Freedom?

Today is Loyalist Day in Ontario and Juneteenth. What do they have in common? They are both celebrating Freedom. Freedom from oppression and persecution, freedom to choose where we want to live, what we want to believe, freedom to live life.

We take our freedom for granted, couldn't imagine life without it, but there were times in our history that our forefathers made great sacrifices to obtain and keep their freedom and ensure the freedom of future generations.

The Revolutionary war took away ma…

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Follow Friday - Loyalist Blog - Our Ryckman Roots

It's been a busy week for me, first a death in the family, then I wasn't able to get on-line for a couple of days so I'm trying to catch up on my blogging and haven't had much chance to read a lot of my favourites this week. I can read them on my Blackberry, but it's hard to read, so I just starred the posts that most interested me to read later.

To commemorate Loyalist Day in Ontario tomorrow, June 19, and Loyalist Week June 21-27 in the Niagara area, I am recommending a Loyalist blog, Our Ryck…

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Getting Ready To Celebrate Loyalist Day

Loyalist Day in Ontario is next weekend, June 19th, the day that we celebrate our loyalist ancestors' lives and their courage and struggle for freedom and new beginnings in a new homeland. The purpose of this day is to further educate the people of Ontario about loyalist history and how the values and principals of our ancestors shaped our nation.

I would like to commemorate Loyalist Day this year by taking a road trip to Elgin County Library and look for information about my 2nd great grandfat…

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You Don't Have To Be Canadian To Be A Certified U.E.

I am applying for my U.E. certification this week, and with Kathryn Lake's help, I will have my certificate in September, she is our branch genealogist. I was going to wait until after my visit to Brock University and The Friends Of The Loyalist Collection in July, but I am sure I have enough sources to prove my loyalist ancestry from Joseph Haines Sr. U.E.L. and his son, Nathaniel Haines U.E.L.. Anything I find when I go to the Niagara region in the summer will be for my research. I am going t…

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Friends of the Loyalist Collection

The purpose of The Friends of the Loyalist Collection at the Brock University, founded in 2001 in the Region of Niagara in Ontario was created to establish and maintain a collection of source material, mainly on microfilm, about the United Empire Loyalists to encourage academic research and study. It is a non-profit charitable organization.

I will be visiting the Brock University this summer to do some further research on my loyalist heritage , collecting information and sources for my certifica…

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Loyalist Trails: Loyalist Blogs And Websites

The United Empire Loyalist Assn. of Canada is encouraging Canadians to learn more about the men and women who made this country what it is today. Ontario might well have been just another state if it weren't for the bravery of the United Empire Loyalists who fought in the Revolutionary War, and their descendants, who in the War of 1812, protected what their parents and grandparents had suffered so much to achieve in their new country.

I was reading my weekly newsletter from the UELAC, Loyalist…

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Loyalist Settlers Of The Lost Villages

I had writer's block, so I decided to pick a year and see what happened in that year of any genealogical significance. I decided to pick the year of my birth, and googled for any events in that year. What I found was that some of the villages on the St. Lawrence River that were founded by early loyalists are now at the bottom of the river.

The Loyalist settlers of this area were disbanded military of the King's Royal Rangers and Butler's Rangers. "The Lost Villages" as they are known, consist of

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Dutchess of Cornwall Gets UELAC Certification

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Shand Parker Bowles Windsor has loyalist ancestry? I was reading the Loyalist Times weekly newsletter this morning and was a little surprised that the Duchess of Cornwall had loyalist ancestors, I wasn't too surprised though, knowing that she had Acadian ancestors, it wouldn't be a far stretch in the time-line for her to have loyalist ancestors as well. Camilla's Acadian/French Canadian ancestors and her loyalist ancestors are both on her maternal line, no surpri…

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Norman Crowder UE, K. BA, MA, MBA 1926-2009

from the Loyalist Trails newsletter:

Last Post: CROWDER, Norman K. BA, MA, MBA

CROWDER, Norman K. BA, MA, MBA, United Empire Loyalist Captain (retired) Canadian Army Ordnance Corp-Korean War Veteran Federal Government - Treasury Board
Peacefully at St. Vincent Hospital, after a lengthy illness, on Thursday, October 22, 2009, aged 83 years. Beloved husband of Ruth (nee Haberl) and dear father of Pat Hall (Des), Doug (Gail Snider), Marilyn Hingorani (Suresh) and Bob (Debbie). Loving grandfather of R…

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Tombstone Tuesday - Ker-Bender, Drummond Hill Cem., Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON

Rev Peter Ker

on reverse, John Bender

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Tombstone Tuesday - Early Upper Canada Gravestone

Here is an early gravestone at Drummond Hill Cenmetery on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The date on it is 1784. The name is illegible.

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Changes to Upper Canada Village

I remember going to Upper Canada Village when I was 13, just one of several historically significant stops that my dad took us to on our vacation that year. We spent most of the day there, exploring and learning how the Loyalists went through their daily lives.
Now, with the state of the economy, Upper Canada Village is feeling the effects of reduced visitors and revenue.

from "Loyalist Trails" UELAC Newsletter, June 28, 2009:

Help Preserve Upper Canada Village

At the cessation of hostilities …

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