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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - Internet Archive

I have found that e-books that are downloadable and  for reading at leisure can be very helpful. Internet Archive has several books available about the United Empire Loyalists and the Revolutionary War that I have found invaluable. I have downloaded several and saved to read offline. The pdf books are searchable and the text can be easily copied and pasted. They are available in several formats for easy reading.

To get the most results I decided to try different keywords, I entered United Empire Loyalists and got 16 hits. Then I chose the keyword loyalists and got over 280 hits. When I entered Revolutionary War I got 1760 hits and American Revolution I got 2,757 hits. I tried different places, I entered Upper Canada and I got 1001 hits.  Tryon County only produced 12 hits while New York History yielded 38,161 hits.

There is also a collection of Genealogy books available. To get to this collection you have to select texts from the top menu. Under the top menu will appear tabs for different libraries and a tab for Additional Collections. Here you will find the Genealogy Collection with almost 30,000 items available.

My next post will be about loyalist resources within the government archives. 

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