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Part 3 - Filling Out The Applications

I have been filling out my application for  my first certificate for my 4th great grandfather, Joseph Haines, Sr. UEL,  and now I have to fill one out for his son Nathaniel Haines UEL. The forms are a little bit redundant, I filled out my line of descent and any information about the families of every generation and spouses, if known. This will make it easier for other family members to prove their lineage.

Then I filled out my lineal descent from Joseph Haines, Sr UEL and include the sources for proof of lineage. I have a few documents to look up yet at the Friends of the Loyalist Collection and the Welland library next month when I go there.  Now I have to fill out another application for Nathaniel Haines UEL using the same proofs.

The proofs must show a relationship, such as my great-grandfather's death record, which has his parents names, and the informant was my grandfather, William, his son. This shows proof of relationship. It also shows how much information my grandfather had about his ancestry at the time of his father's death. He has Benjamin Hines, born in England. From other sourcesthat have become available since then I found that this was incorrect. He probably wasn't aware that his father had changed his surname.  He never knew his grandparents, they were both deceased by the time he was born.I'm sure that he would have mentioned about our loyalist heritage had he known that his great-grandfather, Nathaniel HainesUEL , fought in the Revolutionary war.


I am going to go to Elgin County to find Benjamin Haines'death record and burial site. I am hoping that the information is somewhere in Rodney in Elgin County, this was his last place of residence. I don't know whether he has a gravestone, probably not, otherwise someone in the family would have found it, I don't even know if his wife, Sarah E. Freisman has a gravestone but I know she was buried in Rodney Cemetery.  I am hoping that I find Benjamin's death record and that it has his parents are named on it. Would it be too much to hope that his mother's maiden name is on it, as of yet, it is unknown.

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