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Redundancy Is Good!

I don't know about you, but I don't like to have all of my eggs in one basket so I have a few different resources for backing up my blog. First of all, I just created a Springnote notebook just for my blog back-ups. I can add several different blogging platforms; Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Moveable Type or I can set it up manually:

I noticed that when I import a blog to Springnote from Blogger, only the latest posts are imported, so I have uploaded the back-up .xml file to my notebook too.

I also have Windows Live Writer that I use to create my posts offline and publish to several different platforms as well.

I also have created a duplicate blog on Wordpress and imported my blog to it. Now, if anything happens to my Blogger blog, I have another one as a back-up. And if anything happens to my Wordpress blog, I have my Springnote back-up, and if anything happens to Springnote, I have Wndows Live Writer on my computer.

So, I think I am fully protected from any catastrophe that may come, except perhaps Armageddon!

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