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Community Newspaper -The Essex County Crier

What do you know, one of my blog posts may be read in half the households county-wide! An employee of the new local newspaper, The Essex County Crier, just contacted me via Facebook asking if their paper could publish one of my blog posts about Leamington. They are interested in discovering and sharing the history and heritage of Essex County with the residents of the county.

"We as a family of Essex County give this
publication to the people who live here.
We are only stewards of this gateway."

The Purpose

Hope - To raise the ambition of our great community, create a want for achievement and endurance when hard times fall.

Inspiration - To awaken our minds that we may gain enthusiasm for life!

Unity - The emergence of community revival for strength, pride and harmony.

The Goal

"To bring awareness and pride to Essex County through inspired and well informed articles.

To provide a quality platform with which business and the consumer are united."

" While The Crier cannot exist without its advertisers, it is designed to be an actual newspaper and not a shopper....give us your patience as readers and we will ultimately deliver an interesting, attractive and quality newspaper to your door. Besides providing your patience, The Crier is also calling for your stories, ideas, recipes, photographs, and help. These submissions from you will truly make the Crier Essex County's premiere community newspaper."

By Shayne Bedal
The Essex County Crier

The Essex County Crier is a free, bi-monthly newspaper delivered via Canada Post and available at news stands in the county. Even the way it is distributed is unique. It will be delivered to every house once a month, the mail routes are split, so that 1/2 of the community gets one issue and the rest get the next issue. This way, the paper will reach every household and it is suggested that you go a few blocks over and exchange papers, which should create a greater sense of community.

The Crier's first edition has a lot of good articles, about endangered heritage sites, history of the natives who lived in the county, the wine industry, gardening, recipes, a self-improvement series and a photo gallery. I wonder what will be in the next edition, I'll have to find out where it is being delivered and go for a little walk!

The Essex County Crier can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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