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Follow Friday -United Empire Loyalists Association (UELAC) on Facebook

The UELAC has an open group on Facebook whick is moderated by the past Dominion President, Fred Hayward, U.E. It is a great site for members of different branches of the UELAC to get together and share information as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about the UELAC and membership.

Historians interested in the Revolutionary War and the history of North America will find this group worth checking out too. Genealigists and famikly researchers who have a loyalist or two in their tree will find this group helpful as well.

An objective of the UELAC is to develop a directory of people of the Loyalist era, and to categorize them, especially those who met the qualifications as a United Empire Loyalist and who earned the right, along with his heirs forever to the designation or post-nominal U.E., standing for Unity of the Empire.

There were tens of thousands of loyalists that came after the war and the list of the names in the  directory  is growing but is in no way complete. With the UELAC on Facebook, I think the message will get out to a much larger audience and hope that more will get interested in finding their lost loyalist ancestors and add their names to the list.

I hope that you will check out the United Empire Loyalists Association (UELAC) group on Facebook and decide to join.

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