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Do you have Loyalist ancestors? Well, I do and my husband does too. I created this blog to share my experiences in becoming a member of the UELAC and researching  the Loyalist Haines, Doan, Bradt and associated loyalist families.

Although the families came to the New World in different centuries, from different cultures, the Haines and Bradt families have several similarities. They both lived in the Mohawk Valley in New York before the Revolutionary War, they both fought with the Butler's Rangers during the war and they both settled in the Niagara region after the war as United Empire Loyalists.

The Doan family were Quakers from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Some members of the family aided the British but did not take up arms against the patriots. Two members of the infamous Doan Gang were hanged in Pennsylvania, the rest were exiled to Canada with their families. More of the family soon followed. I am descended from the latter, both maternally and paternally through Titus Doan Sr.

All Of The Work Paid Off

After my application was filled out,  I  took it to the branch genealogist, Kathryn Lake Hogan U.E. at our next meeting in November 2010. Over the summer there was a mail slowdown and it took longer than usual to get it processed and I wasn't presented with my certificates until this past Saturday at our November meeting, one year after I started the application process. 

Ordinarily it wouldn't have taken so long but I  had to send for a marriage license from my first marriage which showed relationships for three generations and my name change as well. I got the long form, it was a few dollars more but it has more information in it than the short form does. I learned something new at the time as well; I found out that the original that is kept in Ottawa is the only legal copy, the license you get when you're married is like a memento, it isn't a legal document.

Kathryn Lake Hogan UE presenting me with certificates for Joseph Haines, Sr. UEL and Nathaniel Haines UEL

Certificate recipients with Bicentennial Branch  president Pat Haynes

certificate for Joseph Haines, Sr. UEL, my 4th great-grandfather

certificate for Nathaniel Haines UEL, my 3rd great-grandfather


* Kathryn Lake Hogan UE is the owner of LOOKING4ANCESTORS and author of the blog of the same name. She is also the author of the blog Our Ryckman Roots,  which journal's her search for her loyalist ancestors.

Part 4 - Gathering Documentation

I am going to start sorting out what information I have already and make a few copies of each document, one for my branch, one for the head office and one for my records. I have the 1851-1911 censuses for my grandfather, William Edgar Hines, my great-grandfather, John Haines/Hines and 2nd great-grandfather, Benjamin Haines. I will have to print the censuses 1/2 page on a sheet to have it legible, so for every year there will be four or eight printed pages, adding the agricultural pages as well.

I also have John Haines/Hines death record and his obituary as well as his mother, Sarah E. Haines' death record to make copies of as well.

I will also have to scan and copy the obituaries for my father and grandfather that were in the Windsor Star. I will also scan and copy the funeral cards for them.

As for Nathaniel and Joseph Haines, Sr., I have to make copies of Joseph's claim for losses, the Orders in Council for their children, the pages in Ontario People 1795-1803 where their names appear and I'll scan the page from "An annotated Roll of the Butler's Rangers..." that they appear on.

I still have to get information about land patents and grants for Benjamin, Nathaniel and Joseph Sr. and any other information that I may find when we go to the Brock University next month.

Part 3 - Filling Out The Applications

I have been filling out my application for  my first certificate for my 4th great grandfather, Joseph Haines, Sr. UEL,  and now I have to fill one out for his son Nathaniel Haines UEL. The forms are a little bit redundant, I filled out my line of descent and any information about the families of every generation and spouses, if known. This will make it easier for other family members to prove their lineage.

Then I filled out my lineal descent from Joseph Haines, Sr UEL and include the sources for proof of lineage. I have a few documents to look up yet at the Friends of the Loyalist Collection and the Welland library next month when I go there.  Now I have to fill out another application for Nathaniel Haines UEL using the same proofs.

The proofs must show a relationship, such as my great-grandfather's death record, which has his parents names, and the informant was my grandfather, William, his son. This shows proof of relationship. It also shows how much information my grandfather had about his ancestry at the time of his father's death. He has Benjamin Hines, born in England. From other sourcesthat have become available since then I found that this was incorrect. He probably wasn't aware that his father had changed his surname.  He never knew his grandparents, they were both deceased by the time he was born.I'm sure that he would have mentioned about our loyalist heritage had he known that his great-grandfather, Nathaniel HainesUEL , fought in the Revolutionary war.


I am going to go to Elgin County to find Benjamin Haines'death record and burial site. I am hoping that the information is somewhere in Rodney in Elgin County, this was his last place of residence. I don't know whether he has a gravestone, probably not, otherwise someone in the family would have found it, I don't even know if his wife, Sarah E. Freisman has a gravestone but I know she was buried in Rodney Cemetery.  I am hoping that I find Benjamin's death record and that it has his parents are named on it. Would it be too much to hope that his mother's maiden name is on it, as of yet, it is unknown.

My Dedicated Blog

Lately I have been busy with my non-blogging life, getting my gardens planted, getting our boat finished and getting a new deck built. I'm just about caught up now so I hope to have more time for blogging now. I have a number of blogs, My Favourites Place, my homepage general blog, Creation and Recreation, my hobbies blog, and a few genealogy blogs.

Ancestral Notes is my main general genealogy blog, where I do most of my blogging, but I also have a blog dedicated to my Loyalist research, United Empire Loyalists Re-United, where I have two blogs. There is one for general loyalist history, individual loyalists and research sources I have another one for my husband and my specific loyalist families where I share information and sources.

I have been posting more on my loyalist blog recently since I am doing more research in that area for my certification. I will be duplicating some of my past posts from Ancestral Notes about my loyalist families on my dedicated blog as well. If you are interested in the Loyalist era or in my certification research process and progress stop by and add UEL Re-United to your blog reading list.

Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

Researching My Family - Part 2 - Obituaries- John Hines

The obituaries in newspapers have quite a bit of information. I found this obituary for my great-grandfather, John Hines in the Essex Free Press Archives:

From my great-grandfather's obituary I have secondary proof that:

  • John Hines' father was Benjamin and he had seven brothers and one sister, just as the family census for Benjamin Haines in Niagara Township, Lincoln County in 1851 and 1861 show.
  • He was born and grew up in Niagara Township, Lincoln County.
  • Before John Haines was married to Hariett F. Doan in Welland in 1872, he was a sailor.
  • He later was employed by Grand Trunk Railways in Wainfleet.
  • When he came to Essex County,  he was employed by the Michigan Central Railway. (The time he came to Essex County was later than reported, he was in Elgin County in 1891 census and his son Wm. Edgar, my grandfather, was born there in 1894).
  • He retired from the railway and was a farmer in Rochester (1901 census), Mersea township.
  • By 1911 moved back to the town of Essex, (1911 census),  living on Maidstone Ave.,East.
  • His only sister, Adaline Haines (Mrs. James Yale) was the only sibling living in 1932.
  • John was a past member of the Orange Lodge.
  • In 1932 four of his thirteen children were deceased.
  • He would have celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary the year of his death.

Researching My Family Part 1 - Death Records, Censuses

When I first learned that I had Loyalist ancestry, I wasn't surprised. My dad had a special interest in the history of Upper Canada and took the family to several different historic sites.  He had a silver buckle that was passed down through the family for a few generations back to the Revolutionary war period. I started my research assuming  that I knew my own name, wrong! My dad probably died not even knowing that his grandfather was born John Haines, he only knew that his name was John Hines. My dad was only five years old when his grandfather died.

When I found John Hines' death record on I found the name of his parents, Benjamin Hines? and Sarah Freysman?. 

I started to search and search and search. There was nothing about Bnjamin Hines, born in England. I left messages on several surname boards and got a reply from a cousin saying that Benjamin's name wasn't Hines, it was Haines and they were from the Niagara region. I looked up the family in the 1851 census of Canada West, taken in 1852, and found this family:

This census is for Niagara Township in Lincoln County, Ontario. I noticed that there is a Freisman family living nearby, so I assume that this is Sarah's family.


Benamin and Sarah Haines (Hanes) were living in the same area, they are listed on the same page.

After further searching I found Benjamin's sister in the 1851 census, and John, Sarah's brother on the same page.  I know that Benjamin had a sister named Lany, but I haven't found any record of her after 1828, when she got her Order in Council as a DUE. John Freisman's wife's name is Laney, could this be Benjamin's sister?


I also found this in the 1861 Canada West census for Niagara Township, Lincoln County, Ontario:

 It appears that Joseph was living with his grandmother, Maria(Mary) Freisman, age 90, in 1861.

In 1871 he was still living with his parents:


John was married to Harriet Fernetta Doan and living in Moulton Township in 1881.


In 1891 John was still using the Haines surname when the census of Dorchester Township, Sherbrooke was taken:

John's mother, Sarah was widowed by the 1891 census of Aldborough Township, Elgin County:

Sarah died in 1892:

By 1901 John has changed his surname to Hines and was living in Rochester Township, Essex County:


By 1911 his youngest daughter had died and he moved with his familly to Essex:

Brick Walls - Lyddie ?, married to Nathaniel Haines

I have another brick wall to post, my 3rd great-grandmother, Lyddie or Lydia, married to Nathaniel Haines in Niagara, Upper Canada in 1786. The only info I have on her is that she was not the daughter of a loyalist. That's not much to go on, most single women in Niagara at that time were daughters of loyalists but they were also loyalists themselves if they were born in the thirteen colonies.

Lyddie was in Niagara in 1786 so maybe she was French Canadian, or a pre-loyalist or Native.

My Haines Family Timeline

1750's - Joseph Haines immigrated from Germany to Johnstown, New York. 28

>1783 - Joseph Haines, Sr. married and had seven children. 1

>1783 - Joseph Haines, Sr. and family lived in Johnstown, New York. 1, 28

>1783 - Joseph Haines, Sr. served in the Butler's Rangers and went to Lachine, P.Q. with the rangers. 1

>1783 - Nathaniel Haines served in the Butler's Rangers and went to Lachine, P.Q. with the rangers. 1

1784 - Joseph Haines, Sr. family was in Niagara, U.C. 35

1784 - Nathaniel Haines was in Niagara, U.C. 35

1786 - Joseph Haines, Sr. family was in Niagara, U.C. 1. 2

1786 - Nathaniel Haines was married in in Niagara, Upper Canada and received rations there. 1, 2

1792 - Nathaniel and Lydia Haines' son, Andrew, was baptised at St. Mark's Church, Niagara. 3

1796 -Joseph Haines, Sr. was granted a patent of land in Grantham Twp. in the Home district of U.C. 4

1796 - Nathaniel Haines was granted a patent of land in Grantham Twp. in the Home district. 4

1801 - Joseph Haines, Sr. and Peter Whitney purchased mill. 5

1811 - Nathaniel Haines died?

1818 - Philip Haines died in fire in York, U.C. 5, 6

1818 - Joseph Haines, Sr. deeded the mill to grandson, James Haines after his father, Philip Haines, died in a fire. 5

1818 - Joseph Haines, Sr. died.?

1835 - Benjamin Haines and Sarah Freisman were married in Niagara, U.C.?

1836 - Nathaniel's son, Benjamin, is listed in the book, Sons and Daughters of American Loyalists and had an Order in Council as a SUE on Nov.3, 1836. 7

1837 - Benjamin Haines was granted land in Middlesex Cty.? 8

1844 - Feb. 23rd - Benjamin Haines' son, John, was born in Niagara. 9, 24

1851- Benjamin Haines was living in Niagara Twp. with his wife and family. 9

1851- John Haines was in the 1851 census of the family. 9

1871 -Benjamin Haines was living in Aldborough Twp. Elgin Cty. 10

1872 - John Haines married Harriet Fernetta Doan in Welland, Ontario. 11

1881 - John Haines family was in the census of Welland. 12

1891 - Benjamin's widow, Sarah Haines was in the census of Aldborough Twp., Elgin Cty. 13

1891 - John Hines family was in the census for Aldborough Twp., Elgin Cty. 14

1892 - Sarah Haines died in Rodney, Elgin Cty. 15

1894 - William Edgar Hines, was born in Aldborough Twp., Elgin Cty. 16

1897 - John Hines' family moved to Essex County and were in Rochester. 17

1901 - John Hines family was in the census for Rochester, Essex County. 18

1906 - John Hines family were in Gosfield North Twp. in 1906 when their youngest daughter
died. 19, 20, 24

1911 - John Hines family were in Maidstone Twp. in the 1911 census. 21

1917 - Oct. 6 - William Edgar Hines married Josephine Desbiens and lived in Essex, Ontario. 22, 27
1926 - Aug. 14th -Earl Douglas Hines was born on Arthur Ave. in Essex. 23

1932 - March. 13th -John Hines died in Essex, Ontario. 24, 25

1935 - Dec. 2oth-Harriet Doan Hines died in Essex, Ontario. 25

1957 - Apr. 20th - Earl Hines married Marian Neil in Essex County, Ontario. 26

1958 -Sept. 30th - Earline Hines was born in Windsor, Ontario. 29

1964 - Earl Hines purchased property in Cottam, Ontario. 34

1976 - May 28th - Earline Hines was married to A. Morrison in Comber, Ontario. 30

1975 - Earl Hines sold property in Cottam and relocated to Leamington, Ontario.34

1977 - Mar. 29th - William Edgar Hines died in Essex, Ontario. 25, 32, 33

1977 - July 29th - B. Morrison was born in Leamington, Ontario. 29, 34

1979 - Jan. 22nd - K. Morrison was born in Leamington, Ontario. 29, 34

1983 - Earl Hines was divorced. 31

1984 - Earline Hines was divorced. 31

1985 - Mar. 9th - Earl Hines was married to R. Watkins Harris in Windsor, Ont. 34

1994 - July 4th - Josephine Hines died in Leamington, Ontario. 25, 32, 33

1996 - Feb. 7th - Earl Hines died in Windsor, Ontario. 25, 32, 33

2001 - June 2nd. - Earline Hines was married to R. P. Bradt in Leamington, Ontario. 30

2008 - Aug. 15th - Marian Neil Hines died in Leamington, Ontario. 32, 33, 34

Sources -
1. The Annotated Nominal Roll of the Butler's Rangers 1777-1784 with Documentary Sources - Lieutenant Colonel William A. Smy, OMM, CD, UE
2. The Butler's Rangers in the Revolutionary War - muster roll - E. Cruikshank
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34. present at event
35. The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists 1784-1884. - E.Ryerson

Now, it will be easier to find the documents that I need to copy and include in my certification application(s).

A Little Background About the Bradt Family

The Bradt family originated in Norway and went to Holland before coming to the New World in the 1630's. The Loyalist Bradt family lived in the Mohawk Valley in New York. They had a large estate and were considered fairly well-off. After the Revolutionary war broke out, they joined John Butler's Corps of Rangers. They sacrificed everything they owned when they sided with the British. Several of the Bradt men were ranking officers in the Butler's Rangers. Catherine Bradt Butler, who was taken captive by the rebels, along with her children was Col. John Butler's wife.The Bradt families settled in the Niagara region after the war and resumed farming.

There is quite a bit of information about the Bradt family in New Amsterdam on the Olive Tree Genealogy website, hosted by Lorine McGinnis Schultze.

Planning My Summer Vacation

We already have our reservations for the campground at Emily Park, just like previous years but it's the drive home I have to plan for. We are going to go to the renaming of the Steele cemetery and the Doan family reunion on the way home. I'm looking forward to the way home just as much as the week of camping and fishing.

I have a to-do list, which includes a lot of research at the Welland Library, Thorold Library and the Niagara Peninsula Library while I'm in the area. I am making a to-do list for each location, checking out what is available online and copying the information to my Google notebook so that it is accessible on my Blackberry.

I am going to be looking up some newspaper articles about Linus C. Doan in the Welland Tribune Archives as well as any information about my great-grandparents, John & Harriet Hines' marriage.

I'll look for land petitions and grants for my early Haines ancestors. I'm gong to look in the 1828 census for more information about Benjamin Haines' family, his parents both died when he was a child, I want to find out who he was living with, so I'm going to see if I can find any guardianship records for him and his siblings.

I'm going to research some of my husband's family too, he is starting to get interested in his ancestry now, but only if someone else does the work, namely me. I am also going to see if I can find what relationship, if any, there is between our Van Alstine ancestors. Benjamin's sister, Elizabeth, was married to Daniel Van Alstine in Niagara and my husband's 3rd great-grandmother was Catherine Van Alstine, married to William Bradt in Niagara.

I am going to see if I can get the Titus Doan Family book by inter-library loan, if available, if not I'll have to check it out while I'm there too. So many things to do, I'll have to spend an extra day getting it all done.

Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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