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I Dunno About Those Doanes

Thanks to my cousin, whom I met this summer at our family reunion, I have a few more generations to add to my family tree and a lot more researching to keep me busy, but the more I search, the more the same surname keeps popping up, Doane. I am researching my 2nd great-grandmother's family, the ancestors of Mary Elizabeth Robbins, who married Allen Cark Doan in Welland, Ontario in 1876.
Her father, Caleb Robbins was born in Gainsborough, Pelham Twp., Ontario in 1837 and married Catherine Pattis…

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Closer Than I Thought!

I have always known that the members of the Doan Gang were related to me, I assumed that they were related through Titus Doan, Jr., my fourth great-grandfather, who was a first cousin of the Doan Gang. His son, Isaac Doan, was born in 1802 in Humberstone Twp. and married Polly Charlotte Doan.
I have recently found out that Polly was the daughter of Aaron Doan, one of the members of the Doan Gang!

"Aaron Doan was born in Plumstead, Bucks Co., Pa. and died in Humberstone,
Welland Co., Ontario, Canad…

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Treasure Thursday - My Mother's Poetry

I have always admired my mother's talent for creating poetry. She wrote poetry for contests, like "If You're Canadian" and "Centennial Pride" which she wrote for a poetry contest in 1967, Canada's centennial. She was taking a creative writing course when she had to pick an ordinary object and write a poem about it. She chose "Cups" for her subject. She wrote love poems, etc. I have a few online here.

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Creating Family Timelines

I have found when researching my family, it is helpful to make a Family Timeline with all of the events and sources that I have gathered. As I find more sources and events, I add them to the timeline. This way, it is easier for me to see if there are any gaps that need to be researched and filled in.

For example, I am researching my Loyalist Haines family at the moment and have made a timeline for them. Since my two Loyalist ancestors are father and son, I have included both of them and included …

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Proving Dad Was Right!

The American Revolutionary War was the defining point of where loyalties were placed and how people were judged because of their loyalties. It brought out the best and worst of human behavior. Over two centuries later, we still look back on that period in history with overwhelming pride in our ancestors' decisions to stick by their guns and fight for what they believed was right, whether he be a patriot or loyalist.

It is this pride and sense of honour that we join lineage societies such as the U…

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Tombstone Tuesday - The Family Plot

The Hines Family - Woodslee United Church/Jarriett Cemetery
Woodslee, Ontario, Canada

My dad, Earl Douglas Hines 1926-1996

My grandparents, Wm. Edgar Hines and Josephine Desbiens and my aunt Evelyn.

My great-grandparents, John Hines and Harriet Doan and my grand-uncle, Wm. John (John) Hines.

Memorial to my grand-uncle, Fleming W. Hines.

My grand-aunt, Harriet Melinda Hines 1899-1906

My grand-uncle Edward Hines and grand-aunt Emma Ebbinghaus

My grand-aunt, Catherine Hines and grand-uncle. Wm. Jariett


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Why so much interest in the Doane family?

The reason is simple, two of my great-grandmothers, both maternal and paternal, were Doans. On my paternal side, Harriet Fernetta Doan, my great-grandmother, was the 2nd great-granddaughter of Titus Doane, Sr., great-granddaughter of Titus Doane, Jr., grand-daughter of Isaac Doan, daughter of Linus and Hannah (Doan) Doan. Harriet was born in Ohio in Dec. of 1854 and came to Canada Jan. 1855. The family must have been to Ohio visiting for Christmas when Harriet was born, as they lived in Wellan…

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Elijah Doane

My sixth great-grandfather, Elijah Doane, was born in Cape Cod, Massechusets, on April 3, 1694, the son of Daniel Doane, Jr. and Mehitabel Twining. His family was the first New England family to go to Pennsylvania in 1695 after getting a certificate of removal from the Middletown Monthly Meeting. His family was the first in the family to leave Cape Cod and the first to forsake the church and join the Society of Friends.
He grew up in Wrightstown, Bucks County and was married to Catherine Wilson…

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My Namesake

I grew up in a village, population of about 6oo, in the sixties and whenever anyone asked my name, the next question asked: how do you spell it? I've gotten so used to my name being misspelled and mispronounced that I found myself responding to 'Elaine', 'Eilene', 'Ailene', 'Arlene', 'Darlene', 'Earlynn' or anything that sounded close, because I got tired of saying, "I was named after my father who's name is Earl". At that time in my life I would have given anything to be named 'Jane'.

Now, lo…

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Black Sheep Canadian Ancestors - The Quaker Loyalist Turncoats

This is a story about two brothers, born into the Society of Friends at Sugar Loaf, Upper Canada, who turned their backs on their religion and country in McKenzie's Rebellion 0f 1837. They had come full circle from the previous generations of Doanes , who were branded Tories in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary war, and killed, exiled or hung for their actions.

Joshua Guillam and his brother, Joel P. were sons of Jonathon Doan, who had come to Sugar Loaf in the Niagara district from Bucks …

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Benjamin Haines, SUE

Benjamin Haines, my great-great-grandfather, was born in Niagara about 1802, son of Nathaniel and Lydia ____ Haines. He married Sarah Elizabeth Freisman, born about 1816 in Niagara, about 1835 in Niagara. Benjamin Haines received an Order in Council as a son of a United Empire Loyalist in November of 1836 and received a grant of land in March of 1837. Benjamin and Sarah Haines lived in Niagara Twp., Lincoln County and raised their family of seven sons and one daughter. They relocated to Aldborou…

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Nathaniel Haines, UEL

Nathaniel Haines, my 3rd great-grandfather, was born in Johnsonville, Tryon County, New York about 1760, son of Joseph Haines, Sr.,a recent immigrant from Gemany. He served in the King's Royal Rangers alongside two of his brothers. He then joined John Butler's Corp of Rangers until the disbandment at the endof the Revolutionary war.
Nathaniel went with his family, who were accompanied by Col. Butler and his rangers to Lachine, Lower Canada, in 1781. They remained there for a few years and then t…

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My Brick Walls - Maria ? married to John Freisman

I am researching my great-grandmother's family and I have an enormous brick wall as far as her mother, Marie, who was born in Quebec about 1780 . She married John Freisman and they had one child in Quebec before coming to Niagara. If the censuses are correct, John Freisman was born in England. I can't find any records of their marriage in the Drouin Collection.

Their daughter, Elizabeth, was born about 1795 in Quebec (she said she was 50 in 1851 census of Niagara Twp. and her death record says he…

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My Mother, the Poet

Marian Joyce Neil Hines Nov.30, 1936 - August 15, 2008

I have just recently started blogging, I'm still getting used to writing in whole sentences where my genealogy is concerned, I've been so accustomed to genealogy short-forms and fact-gathering. Now, to put the facts together in sentences that are interesting to read as well as informative to tell their story.
I am not a writer, I have always liked creative writing, but I didn't excel in it. My mom was a poet, she could create a poem about anyt…

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Historic Honeymoon Destination

When my husband and I were married in 2oo1, the only place we even thought about going was Niagara Falls. We had no idea why, maybe because it is traditional, or close, but we were drawn to the area.

We went to all the usual historical tourist attractions in the area,

Laura Secord's monument

General Sir Isaac Brock's monument,

scene of the Battle of Queenston Heights,

Fort George in Niagara-on-the-lake,

and the locks at the Welland Canal.

I started researching my family history four years later, and …

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Joseph Haines, Sr., UEL, my 4th great-grandfather

Joseph Haines, Sr. was born in Germany and immigrated to New York about 1760. He had a lease from Sir Wm. Johnson for a tract of 100 acres of land in Tryon County at a cost of 6 pounds a year. There, he raised seven children until the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, when his three sons went to serve in the King's Royal Regiment of New York. One of his sons was killed. He later joined John Butler's Corp of Rangers along with two of his three remaining sons. He and his family fled to Quebec wi…

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We Met For The First Time ...... Again

My husband in front of Butler's Barracks,
Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario

I met my husband for the first time in April of 1998, but something about him seemed so familiar, like we've known each other all our lives. As I started researching my family history, I researched his family, the Bradts. I discovered that several of his ancestors were Loyalists, and they served in John Butler's Corp of Rangers. As a matter of fact, John Butler was married to Catherine Bradt.

I soon was reading all about the Bu…

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Deacon John Doane

Deacon John Doane







(plaque in Eastam Town Hall)


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My Grand-uncle Was My Muse

My grand-uncle, Fleming Hines, was the inspiration for my family history research, I can even recall the very date that I started, because it was his birthday, January 18, 2006, he was born January 18, 1897. I had no idea what day he was born until then. I just knew that he died during the First World War, still in his teens, and buried in France. He was a private in the 19th Battalion,Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment).
I feel that it was more than a coincidence that I was drawn to the…

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Springnote for Genealogy Research

Springnote is a free online notebook which I am currently using to keep all of my research as an online back-up as well as to share it (it's featured on the Springnote website). The Notebook can hold 2Gb. of storage and there is a limit of twelve notebooks per account. Files as large as 20 Mb can be uploaded and attached to individual pages. You can upload documents as large as 5Mb and they will be converted to a page in the notebook.

It is easy to insert images and videos as well as some widgets…

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