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Surname Saturday - Doan

I have been waiting patiently for Ancestry to update the death records so that I can find out who the parents of my paternal great-grandmother, Harriet Doan Hines were. I assumed that my maternal 2nd great grandfather, A.C.Doan, and she were siblings until I found the obituary for my 3rd great-grandfather, Linus Doan and Harriet wasn't named as one of his children.

I made this assumption from information on my granduncle's delayed birth certificate. Since both of his parents were deceased when h…

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Surname Saturday - Doan, Doane

I have learned recently that I am a descendant of two different lines from my immigrant ancestor John Doane. As well as being descended from the Quaker Doans from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, I am also descended from the ones in the Cape Cod area through my 2nd great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Robbins Doan. She is a direct descendant of Benjamin Doane and Hannah Small.

Benjamin Doane was Daniel Doane, Jr.'s great-grandnephew, the great-grandson of Daniel's brother, Joseph. He was born in Harwic…

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Black Sheep Canadian Ancestors - The Quaker Loyalist Turncoats

This is a story about two brothers, born into the Society of Friends at Sugar Loaf, Upper Canada, who turned their backs on their religion and country in McKenzie's Rebellion 0f 1837. They had come full circle from the previous generations of Doanes , who were branded Tories in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary war, and killed, exiled or hung for their actions.

Joshua Guillam and his brother, Joel P. were sons of Jonathon Doan, who had come to Sugar Loaf in the Niagara district from Bucks …

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Historic Honeymoon Destination

When my husband and I were married in 2oo1, the only place we even thought about going was Niagara Falls. We had no idea why, maybe because it is traditional, or close, but we were drawn to the area.

We went to all the usual historical tourist attractions in the area,

Laura Secord's monument

General Sir Isaac Brock's monument,

scene of the Battle of Queenston Heights,

Fort George in Niagara-on-the-lake,

and the locks at the Welland Canal.

I started researching my family history four years later, and …

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