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Follow Friday -United Empire Loyalists Association (UELAC) on Facebook

The UELAC has an open group on Facebook whick is moderated by the past Dominion President, Fred Hayward, U.E. It is a great site for members of different branches of the UELAC to get together and share information as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about the UELAC and membership.

Historians interested in the Revolutionary War and the history of North America will find this group worth checking out too. Genealigists and famikly researchers who have a loyalist or two in their tr…

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Follow Friday - Loyalist Blog - Our Ryckman Roots

It's been a busy week for me, first a death in the family, then I wasn't able to get on-line for a couple of days so I'm trying to catch up on my blogging and haven't had much chance to read a lot of my favourites this week. I can read them on my Blackberry, but it's hard to read, so I just starred the posts that most interested me to read later.

To commemorate Loyalist Day in Ontario tomorrow, June 19, and Loyalist Week June 21-27 in the Niagara area, I am recommending a Loyalist blog, Our Ryck…

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Follow Friday-

This blog site, www.Your Ancestors, has free resources for researching family history in England and Ireland.

"Welcome to''Your Ancestors Free. Com'' The best resources for your family history.
Find here help for your family tree . What are the best free and the best paid sites. Where and how can you save money on your family history.' 'Your Ancestors Free .Com'' covers mainly England and Northern Ireland at the moment. It has grown from ''English Ancestors'' to include Australia.
I have …

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Follow Friday - Seeking Michigan

Michigan has a rich history that encompassed over four centuries of various cultures. In the early years it was under French rule and was included in New France. When the British took it from the French, it was part of British Canada and finally it became part of the United States. So, the earliest records are really Canadian records.

Seeking Michigan is a free resource for researching French-Canadian or early Canadian ancestors, as well as mapping your ancestors' migration patterns from Canada t…

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Follow Friday - For Versatile Blogging

The creators of the Viviti web-building site are young Canadian entrepreneurs from British Columbia. I found out about Viviti when it just started, through Bravenet.They were promoting the site and asking for Beta testers.

I started a few sites when in Beta, three months before they put up the total websites worldwide in Sept./08, and there were less than 1000 sites world-wide at that time. By Dec.1/08 when it went into Open Beta and was made public, there were over 5000 sites. It has been out of…

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Follow Friday - Tribal Pages

I have had my family tree on Tribal Pages for a couple of years and I would like to recommend this site as a great way to get your family tree online and make new connections. There hasn't been much information about this site lately with all of the new genealogy sites popping up, it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, so I decided that it needs promoting.

Tribal Pages

Build your Free Family Tree website online. Invite friends and family to view or update your site. Each private and secure w…

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