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What Is Freedom?

Today is Loyalist Day in Ontario and Juneteenth. What do they have in common? They are both celebrating Freedom. Freedom from oppression and persecution, freedom to choose where we want to live, what we want to believe, freedom to live life.

We take our freedom for granted, couldn't imagine life without it, but there were times in our history that our forefathers made great sacrifices to obtain and keep their freedom and ensure the freedom of future generations.

The Revolutionary war took away ma…

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What is Loyalist Day?

This week in recognition of the 225th anniversary of the province of Ontario and Loyalist Day, June 19th, I will be publishing posts related to topic of the Loyalists in Upper Canada, for where would I be without them?

"The Constitutional Act of June 19th, 1791 created the province of Upper Canada, or Ontario as we know it today, and this law came into being as a direct result of Loyalist influence. The Loyalists were instrumental in developing a distinctive national identity that was, and is, u…

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