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What is Loyalist Day?

This week in recognition of the 225th anniversary of the province of Ontario and Loyalist Day, June 19th, I will be publishing posts related to topic of the Loyalists in Upper Canada, for where would I be without them?

"The Constitutional Act of June 19th, 1791 created the province of Upper Canada, or Ontario as we know it today, and this law came into being as a direct result of Loyalist influence. The Loyalists were instrumental in developing a distinctive national identity that was, and is, uniquely Canadian. They established their own Loyalist tradition that has always been proudly handed down to their Loyalist descendants. Such descendants are privileged to place the letters, "U.E." (meaning, "Unity of the Empire"), indicating their Loyalist lineage, after their surnames. The Loyalists are so closely connected with Ontario's founding and development that it would be no exaggeration in the least to say that Ontario, as we known it today, would simply not exist were it not for the Loyalists. This is why Mr. Harry Danford, Member of Provincial Parliament for Hastings-Peterborough, himself of Loyalist ancestry, in cooperation with the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada, developed a Private Member's Bill to declare June 19th , the anniversary of the Constitutional Act, "United Empire Loyalist Day" in the province of Ontario."
-from UELAC

Each year the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada - UELAC - celebrates Loyalist Day in Ontario on June 19th by dressing in Loyalist garb and educating the public about the Loyalists and their significance in the making of Canada.
The different branches of the UELAC will have many activities going on all over the province with the red, white & blue streamers and balloons representing the colours of the Loyalist flag. This year is the 225th anniversary of the province of Ontario. The Bay of Quinte branch hosted a four-day convention to commemorate the occasion this past Thursday-Sunday.
The Bicentennial Branch of the UELAC is celebrating 25 years with the dedication of a UEL Historical Plaque on June 20th.

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