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Follow Friday - Windows Live Skydrive

Do you need more online storage for your backed up genealogy files and photos? This week I am recommending that you check out Windows Live Skydrive if you haven't already done so. Skydrive is an online storage service at Windows Live which has a storage capacity of 25 GB. That's a lot of storage and at a great price, free!

If you have a Windows Live ID, you already have Skydrive, all you do is log in to your Windows Live account and go to the "More" tab at the top and Skydrive is there. If you d…

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Community Newspaper -The Essex County Crier

What do you know, one of my blog posts may be read in half the households county-wide! An employee of the new local newspaper, The Essex County Crier, just contacted me via Facebook asking if their paper could publish one of my blog posts about Leamington. They are interested in discovering and sharing the history and heritage of Essex County with the residents of the county.

"We as a family of Essex County give this
publication to the people who live here.
We are only stewards of this gateway."

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Twice Upon A Time - New Canadian Blog

I would like to introduce a new Canadian geneablogger to the community. Her name is Cheryl Lundy Stuart and her blog is Twice Upon A Time "Family history connected to the Lundy family who arrived in the New World in the late 1600's." Yes, she is a descendant of the Lundys who lived on Lundy's Lane, site of one of the bloodiest battles in the war of 1812. Her family was in Canada pre-loyalist, they were true pioneers of Upper Canada.

I first met Cheryl on a now defunct MSN genealogy group and we …

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Did Edison Bite Off More Than He Could Chew ?

The newspaper archives are full of fascinating articles, news of the day as it happens, but some of the articles are just hard to believe. For example I was reading the Essex Free Press newspaper archives for 1913 when I came across an unbelievable article about Thomas Edison's newest invention.

Here is the transcript:

"In four weeks time it will be possible to see the face of a person that you are talking to over the telephone. No matter how far away the party is you can converse and study the …

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Genealogy And The Next Generation

Thanks to the internet and the rising popularity of genealogy, the next generation will find it a lot easier to trace their ancestry and learn about their ancestors. New websites for researching family history are sprouting up, more databases are added all the time and more genealogy blogs are being created every day.

A lot of the genealogy sites are aware of the trend and have pages and activities that help get children involved in discovering their family history, making it fun, like Family Tre…

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Congratulations To The FTM Fab 40 Blogs

I'd like to congratulate all of the blogs that made the Family Tree Magazine's "Fab Fourty" list, they are all great blogs, "the cream of the crop". And I would like to thank everyone that voted for the blogs, great choices!

FTM Fab Fourty blogs

Creative Commons License
Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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Follow Friday-

This blog site, www.Your Ancestors, has free resources for researching family history in England and Ireland.

"Welcome to''Your Ancestors Free. Com'' The best resources for your family history.
Find here help for your family tree . What are the best free and the best paid sites. Where and how can you save money on your family history.' 'Your Ancestors Free .Com'' covers mainly England and Northern Ireland at the moment. It has grown from ''English Ancestors'' to include Australia.
I have …

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Who Is "Genealogy" And What Can We Do To Protect Our Blogs?

Thomas MacEntee brought this subject to our attention last summer on the group on Facebook as well as at Geneabloggers. Splogs are created to direct traffic to their site which is full of stolen content. I was on Your Family Tree, a splog that Thomas MacEntee alerted us about and it was like deja vu, a lot of blog posts that I've read before. I haven't seen any of my posts out there yet but I searched and found a Follow Friday Geneabloggers post that mentioned my blog. I didn't take time to go …

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How Easy Is That? Getting My License

I have been putting off getting a Creative Commons license to protect my blog content because I didn't know how to go about it, but it was just a matter of filling in a form and choosing which license I needed and copying and pasting HTML code into a box!

I want to share the information on my blog with fellow researchers and anyone who is just curious, but I don't want to have it used to promote a company or product, so I decided on this license option:

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Work…

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Follow Friday - Seeking Michigan

Michigan has a rich history that encompassed over four centuries of various cultures. In the early years it was under French rule and was included in New France. When the British took it from the French, it was part of British Canada and finally it became part of the United States. So, the earliest records are really Canadian records.

Seeking Michigan is a free resource for researching French-Canadian or early Canadian ancestors, as well as mapping your ancestors' migration patterns from Canada t…

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Things (Greatgreatgrand)Mother Used To "Make Do"


You can tell by the recipes our ancestors used, that they had to make do with the most basic ingredients, they didn’t have a corner store to run to when they ran out of eggs, they had to wait until the chickens laid more. If they ran out of something they had to substitute the ingredient for what they had in their larder.

There wasn’t any fresh fruit in the wintertime, if you wanted fruit, you would have to preserve it by drying it, canning it or making it into jams and jellies. A "root cel…

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Follow Friday - For Versatile Blogging

The creators of the Viviti web-building site are young Canadian entrepreneurs from British Columbia. I found out about Viviti when it just started, through Bravenet.They were promoting the site and asking for Beta testers.

I started a few sites when in Beta, three months before they put up the total websites worldwide in Sept./08, and there were less than 1000 sites world-wide at that time. By Dec.1/08 when it went into Open Beta and was made public, there were over 5000 sites. It has been out of…

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Hidden Treasures At Internet Archive

Internet Archive has been around for a while, but have you taken advantage of this resource for your research? There is the "Wayback Machine" which the site is well-known for but have you looked around to see what's actually there. There are over 10,000 items in their Genealogy Collection, just select "Texts" and "Additional Collections" and you will find a page of several collections.

"The Archive's ever-expanding collection of genealogy resources includes items from the Allen County Public Lib…

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And The Winner Is....Win 7

The waiting is over, today is the day that Windows 7 hits store shelves, and I can't wait to install my copy. I have been using the RC version for a few months now, I have it installed on my notebook and have been running Vista and Win 7, comparing the different features of each operating system and Win 7 wins, hands down.

My system runs a lot cooler and smoother on Win 7 compared to Vista. I have a problem with overheating with Vista, if I run the virus scan, download and install updates or have…

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Facebook and the NetworkedBlogs App.

Why do geneabloggers create their blogs, you ask? To share information, innovation and ideas with the public. And what reaches more people worldwide than Facebook?

I have recently discovered another way to get traffic to your blog, it's a Facebook application called NetworkedBlogs that adds a blog roll to your Facebook profile.

You can just put a widget in your blog to connect it to the Facebook app. You can add more blogs to your list also.

Choose the News Board tab and you can see all of your fa…

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Hallowe'en Family History Projects For Kids

Autumn is the best season to get your kids and grand kids interested in their family history. There are opportunities available this time of year that might not interest them at another time . Now is the time to take the kids to visit their ancestors. They can go during the daytime if they scare easily.

I have been trying to come up with a Hallowe'en project for my grand kids to help me with, I decided that, keeping in the Hallowe'en spirit, we'd try our hands at gravestone rubbings. They can loo…

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Blogging On The Go Is Great!

Giving birth to new ideas and sharing them is what blogging is all about. I was intrigued by footnoteMaven's post about "killing the baby" and have been guilty of infanticide myself, too many times to count.

I have a hidden disability, brain damage and cannot communicate as well verbally as I can with the written word, so when I started blogging about my family history, I accomplished two different things, I am able to share my family history with an interested audience, and I am able to communic…

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The FTC Takes Blogging Seriously

have been mocked and ridiculed by those who think that bloggers are vain narcissists and need to "get a life", but no longer. The FTC. has recognized blogging as a legitimate resource for consumers to find out information about just about any product or service available and want the consumer to have an honest endorsement. Of course, they open up the playing field for frivolous lawsuits.
The revised Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding the endorsement of products is something …

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What Luck!

I just found out that our area newspaper, "The Essex Free Press" has been digitized from microfilm and is available online. The paper covers the time frame of 1896-1968. I have just found an article about my grand-uncle's death in September 1916 and have made a few discoveries with just the first article:

Private Fleming Hines was the first war casualty in the town. I found out that he died Sept. 18, 1916 in hospital from several wounds incurred on Sept. 15, 1916. His parents were notified by tel…

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Curious Fox Message Boards

One of the most useful tools I have found for contacting family members doing genealogy research are message boards and forums. I have made the majority of my family connections by posting brickwalls and queries to message boards. Patience is mandatory for this though, most of the time there may not be a response for months, even years after posting messages. There are the popular message boards on, Rootsweb, etc. Most genealogy sites have some form of message board o…

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