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The FTC Takes Blogging Seriously

have been mocked and ridiculed by those who think that bloggers are vain narcissists and need to "get a life", but no longer. The FTC. has recognized blogging as a legitimate resource for consumers to find out information about just about any product or service available and want the consumer to have an honest endorsement. Of course, they open up the playing field for frivolous lawsuits.
The revised Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding the endorsement of products is something that all bloggers need to be aware of. Blogs that are paid money, goods or services to blog about reviews for products and services are under suspicion, and may be held liable for inaccurate or misleading information. This also includes "mini-blogs" like Twitter.
I think that it may be necessary in the future to have a copyright on every blog site and disclaimers in every post. I'd better start soon, the regulations go into effect on Dec. 1, 2009.


Text of the Revisions

*Disclaimer - this blog post is my opinion and I received nothing for my endorsement of the blogging community.

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