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Twice Upon A Time - New Canadian Blog

I would like to introduce a new Canadian geneablogger to the community. Her name is Cheryl Lundy Stuart and her blog is Twice Upon A Time "Family history connected to the Lundy family who arrived in the New World in the late 1600's." Yes, she is a descendant of the Lundys who lived on Lundy's Lane, site of one of the bloodiest battles in the war of 1812. Her family was in Canada pre-loyalist, they were true pioneers of Upper Canada.

I first met Cheryl on a now defunct MSN genealogy group and we have been sharing information about common family lines for a few years. She has been following my blog and asked me the other day hew she can start her own blog to share her family's stories. My advice to her was to go to the Geneabloggers website and she will find everything and anything she wants to know about starting a geneablog. She took my advice and is off to a great start.

I am interested in seeing what stories she has to share, judging by her first post, she won't be keeping any family skeletons hidden away for long!

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