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Do You Have A Genealogical Will?

Most family historians make out a will when they have any family heirlooms, property or possessions of value and never give a thought to what will become of all of their hard work. What will happen to your genealogy research when you're gone? Have you thought about who will be inheriting it? Will it be a family member? A library? A Family society? A historical society?
If you are fortunate enough to have a younger family member who is interested in genealogy, you can keep it in the family, but y…

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The Virtual Reference Library - Toronto Pubic Library

The Virtual Reference Library is a great resource.

The Virtual Reference Library offers access to:

  • librarian-selected websites
  • self-guided research support
  • library information.

The VRL is a subject-based, reliable, Internet information source with special focus on Canadian and Ontario information.

The Virtual Reference Library works in partnership with library systems across Ontario to provide access to content and services specifically targeted to Ontarians of all ages, ethnic origin and …

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Cabinet of Curiosities 15th Edition - What did I dig up?

While we were digging our pond, about 3 feet down, I came across this piece of iron. It just looked like a chunk of rust when I first saw it, but after cleaning off some of the mud and rust,it started to take shape. When I first cleaned it off, there were thin, black pieces of what I thought looked like leather on the rusty metal that had mineralized and they fell off with the rust. It has a round end and the other end is tapered and flattened. On the round end it looks like there is threading.…

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Springnote for Genealogy Research

Springnote is a free online notebook which I am currently using to keep all of my research as an online back-up as well as to share it (it's featured on the Springnote website). The Notebook can hold 2Gb. of storage and there is a limit of twelve notebooks per account. Files as large as 20 Mb can be uploaded and attached to individual pages. You can upload documents as large as 5Mb and they will be converted to a page in the notebook.

It is easy to insert images and videos as well as some widgets…

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