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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - Internet Archive

I have found that e-books that are downloadable and  for reading at leisure can be very helpful. Internet Archive has several books available about the United Empire Loyalists and the Revolutionary War that I have found invaluable. I have downloaded several and saved to read offline. The pdf books are searchable and the text can be easily copied and pasted. They are available in several formats for easy reading.

To get the most results I decided to try different keywords, I entered United Emp…

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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - UELAC

One of the first sites I went to when I started to research my loyalist ancestors was the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada or UELAC website. I learned a bit more about who the loyalists were. I also checked the Loyalist Directory on the site, where there is a list of all known loyalists and more names are being added all the time. I found my ancestors Joseph Haines, Sr. and Nathaniel Haines listed in the directory and found that Joseph Haines,Sr. had proven descendants but Nathan…

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Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors - Resources

I am currently researching my Loyalist ancestors and I have found information in several different places, on-line, in published works, libraries and museums. First, I would lke to share some of my on line resources.
The Card Catalogue at has many reference books such as:

  • Coldham, Peter Wilson. American Migrations 1765-1799: The lives, times, and families of colonial Americans who remained loyal to the British Crown before, during and after the Revolutionary War, as related in …

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