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Hallowe'en Family History Projects For Kids

Autumn is the best season to get your kids and grand kids interested in their family history. There are opportunities available this time of year that might not interest them at another time . Now is the time to take the kids to visit their ancestors. They can go during the daytime if they scare easily.

I have been trying to come up with a Hallowe'en project for my grand kids to help me with, I decided that, keeping in the Hallowe'en spirit, we'd try our hands at gravestone rubbings. They can look around for family gravestones and when they find them, they can do rubbings of the stones. They will get to know their ancestors' names and when they lived and died and hopefuly will be curious about how they lived and died. Before I know it, I'll have budding genealogists!

First, I'll have to get all of our supplies together; paper, charcoal, chalk, gloves, maybe some cocoa and snacks. While there, they can even tidy-up around the stones, so I'll bring some gloves, garbage bag and small shovel.

I have the book "Early Ontario Gravestones" by Carole Hanks which I will use for referencing stones and different symbols and their meanings and the epitaphs.They can make up their own epitaphs, describing themselves in them or they can make one up for other family members.

And, of course, I'll have my camera ready to catch any paranormal activity!

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