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Waiting For Answers

I am just sitting here outside the tent with my coffee thinking about going fishing. I haven't done any researching this week, just waiting for the weekend to get back at it again.

We decided to go to the UEL cemetery renaming on Saturday afternoon, but we are going to stay in the area and visit Fort Erie afterward instead of going to St. Catherines to check out the Friends of the Loyalists Collection, we'll go in August instead, we'll have more time.

We are going to the Doan family reunion Sunday, I want to talk to the family historian and find out more about my great-grandmother's family and correct a few errors. First error I would like corrected will be that Harriet was not Polly and Isaac Doan's daughter, as it shows in the Doan Family book.
There was a transcription error, the will of Isaac Doan lists a daughter, Ha____(illegible) Fernetta and it was assumed that this was Harriet Fernetta. Since Isaac Doan's will was proved in 1850, a few years before Harriet Fernetta Doan's birth it is likely that it might be Hannah Fernetta named in the will. I also have Harriet's death record which states her parents were William and Rachel Doan. They may have come from Ohio, I can't wait to see what information there is about this family and their connection to the Isaac Doan family.
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