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Loyalist Trails: Loyalist Blogs And Websites

The United Empire Loyalist Assn. of Canada is encouraging Canadians to learn more about the men and women who made this country what it is today. Ontario might well have been just another state if it weren't for the bravery of the United Empire Loyalists who fought in the Revolutionary War, and their descendants, who in the War of 1812, protected what their parents and grandparents had suffered so much to achieve in their new country.

I was reading my weekly newsletter from the UELAC, Loyalist Trails, April 25/10, and the article The Tech Side: Publishing your Research – Websites and Blogs, by Wayne Scott particularly interested me. Since I am interested in the Loyalists, and blogging, I am hoping that this article will get more people with Loyalist heritage blogging about their research about their ancestors and the sacrifices they made. He starts the article with the pros and cons of having your family history published in a book or ebook format as opposed to having a website or blog:

Publishing a hard copy of your research can be quite gratifying, however, there are limitations to this form of publishing. Once information is committed to paper, it requires a re-write to edit or add new information, whereas with publishing electronically, information can be amended quickly. However, the process of updating pdf copies at download sites, or in the hands of relatives, is not instantaneous. Websites and blogs (web logs) can be a viable alternative.

The author then goes on to tell readers the advantages of having a website or blog and he suggests visiting Cindi's List for information about setting up a free site or blog . He also points out the advantages and disadvantages of having a free site vs a paid site. Wayne Scott winds up his article with advice on setting up a blog and a few of the different blogging platforms. I am hoping that more than a few of the "Loyalist Trails" readers will be encouraged to start their own blogs and share their own Loyalist family history.

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