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All Of The Work Paid Off

After my application was filled out,  I  took it to the branch genealogist, Kathryn Lake Hogan U.E. at our next meeting in November 2010. Over the summer there was a mail slowdown and it took longer than usual to get it processed and I wasn't presented with my certificates until this past Saturday at our November meeting, one year after I started the application process. 

Ordinarily it wouldn't have taken so long but I  had to send for a marriage license from my first marriage which showed relationships for three generations and my name change as well. I got the long form, it was a few dollars more but it has more information in it than the short form does. I learned something new at the time as well; I found out that the original that is kept in Ottawa is the only legal copy, the license you get when you're married is like a memento, it isn't a legal document.

Kathryn Lake Hogan UE presenting me with certificates for Joseph Haines, Sr. UEL and Nathaniel Haines UEL

Certificate recipients with Bicentennial Branch  president Pat Haynes

certificate for Joseph Haines, Sr. UEL, my 4th great-grandfather

certificate for Nathaniel Haines UEL, my 3rd great-grandfather


* Kathryn Lake Hogan UE is the owner of LOOKING4ANCESTORS and author of the blog of the same name. She is also the author of the blog Our Ryckman Roots,  which journal's her search for her loyalist ancestors.

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