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Madness Monday - Evidence Unexplained

I have a mystery that I would like to solve, it is driving me mad! I am stumped! How could this be? My great-grandmother, Harriet Doan Hines, is my most recent brick wall. I thought that I knew who she was and how she fit in but the more I find out about her, the more I don't know.

Here's what I have about Harriet Fernetta Doan:

the evidence:

Harriet Doan was born in Dec. 1854 in Ohio, USA. (1911 census)
Harriet immigrated to Canada in 1855. (1911 census)
Harriet Doan was married to John Haines in Welland, Ontario.
Harriet Haines (Haynes) was living with her husband and four children in 1881.(census)
Harriet Haines was living and children in Aldborough Twp., Elgin Cty. in 1891. (census)
Harriet Hines was living with her husband and children in Rochester, Essex Cty. in 1901 (census)
Harriet was living in Gosfield North, Essex County in 1905-06.(children enrolled in Gosfield North school Sept./05, daughter's obituary, Jan./06)
Harriet was living with her husband and children in Essex, Ontario in 1911. (census)
Harriet was living with her husband in the town of Essex in September, 1916. (news article about son's death)
Harriet was living with her husband on Maidstone Ave., Essex in 1930. (son's obituary)
Harriet was living on Maidstone Ave., Essex, in 1932. (husband's obituary)
Harriet died Dec. 20, 1935 in Essex, Ontario. (death notice, gravestone)
Harriet Doan Hines was buried in Woodslee Jarriet Cemetery. (gravestone)

This is what is conflicting:

Harriet died Dec. 20, 1935 at the age of 82 years, 16 days. That would make her birth date Dec. 4, 1853. (death notice)
Harriet was born on Dec.4, 1857. (1901 Rochester, Essex North census)
Harriet (Haynes) was born in Ontario. (1881 Monck, Moulton & 1901 Rochester, Essex North census)
Allen Clark Doan was Harriet's son's uncle and was present shortly after his birth in Welland in 1881. (affidavit on delayed birth cert.).
Harriet was not in the Linus C. Doan family censuses in Welland in 1861 and 1871. (censuses)
Allen Clark Doan's father's obituary in 1904 in Essex doesn't mention Harriet as daughter or sister, only mentions one living brother, Isaac, Jr.. (Linus C. Doan obituary)
F.W.Hines 1st attestation papers lists Allen Doan as cousin. (Allen C. Doan's son, Allen C. born June 11, 1886?)
The Doan family book has Harriet listed as the daughter of Isaac and Polly Doan, Linus C. Doan's sister.
Isaac Doan died in 1850. (1848 will, proved 1850)

I am planning on ordering Harriet's marriage and death certificate and see if they will give me some answers or just raise more questions.

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