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My Rootsmagic4 Site - Ancestral Pages

I fiinally got around to updating my Rootsmagic generated site, Ancestral Pages, which has been offline since last spring. It was created with Rootsmagic 3, and was done in a pedigree and family group sheet format. I decided to change it to a book format, with Rootsmagic 4. I had to manually upload the files, 10 at a time, since the FTP applet wasn't working. I was glad I chose the book format, there were less files to upload.

I was disappointed that there wasn't any new features in the Rootsmagic 4 website creator, there is still no choice of font or text size. I can only edit the HTML after the page has been created. It is very tedious changing the font style and size page by page.

The advanced options allow HTML script to be placed in the header and footer of each page, so I created some glitter text for the header and I put my copyright in the footer.

Overall, the site works, nothing fancy, but the pages are all there. I've got the home page finished and I'm going to be working on the site when I have some extra time.

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