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Part 4 - Gathering Documentation

I am going to start sorting out what information I have already and make a few copies of each document, one for my branch, one for the head office and one for my records. I have the 1851-1911 censuses for my grandfather, William Edgar Hines, my great-grandfather, John Haines/Hines and 2nd great-grandfather, Benjamin Haines. I will have to print the censuses 1/2 page on a sheet to have it legible, so for every year there will be four or eight printed pages, adding the agricultural pages as well.

I also have John Haines/Hines death record and his obituary as well as his mother, Sarah E. Haines' death record to make copies of as well.

I will also have to scan and copy the obituaries for my father and grandfather that were in the Windsor Star. I will also scan and copy the funeral cards for them.

As for Nathaniel and Joseph Haines, Sr., I have to make copies of Joseph's claim for losses, the Orders in Council for their children, the pages in Ontario People 1795-1803 where their names appear and I'll scan the page from "An annotated Roll of the Butler's Rangers..." that they appear on.

I still have to get information about land patents and grants for Benjamin, Nathaniel and Joseph Sr. and any other information that I may find when we go to the Brock University next month.

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