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Surname Saturday - Doan

I have been waiting patiently for Ancestry to update the death records so that I can find out who the parents of my paternal great-grandmother, Harriet Doan Hines were. I assumed that my maternal 2nd great grandfather, A.C.Doan, and she were siblings until I found the obituary for my 3rd great-grandfather, Linus Doan and Harriet wasn't named as one of his children.

I made this assumption from information on my granduncle's delayed birth certificate. Since both of his parents were deceased when he applied for his birth certificate in 1940, A.C.Doan signed an affidavit that he was his uncle. And then there is my other granduncle's first WWI attestation papers that he put his cousin, Allen Doan as next of kin, was this A.C.Doan or his son.

So now the death records have been updated and I found my great-grandmother's death record and I discovered another Doan family that I know nothing about, her parents were William and Rachael Doan who lived in Welland. I looked for the family in the 1861 census and found them in Welland, Ontario. I don't know if these are the right people, but they were the only William and Rachael Doan in Ontario and they did have a daughter, Harriet. William was a tavern keeper in the town of Welland. Now the confusion, I looked in the 1871 census, William was still the tavern keeper but he had a different family. I don't know what happened to Rachael and her family. I hope I can find out more information next month when I attend the Doan family reunion.

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