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Closer Than I Thought!

I have always known that the members of the Doan Gang were related to me, I assumed that they were related through Titus Doan, Jr., my fourth great-grandfather, who was a first cousin of the Doan Gang. His son, Isaac Doan, was born in 1802 in Humberstone Twp. and married Polly Charlotte Doan.
I have recently found out that Polly was the daughter of Aaron Doan, one of the members of the Doan Gang!

"Aaron Doan was born in Plumstead, Bucks Co., Pa. and died in Humberstone,
Welland Co., Ontario, Canada. He married, in Humberstone,
Rhoda Cook.
According to the confession of the Vickers boys, he was concerned
in the robbery of the Bucks County treasury at Newtown,* in the raid
upon collectors Barton of Buckingham, Keith of Makefield and
others. In consequence of participation in those robberies, he came
under the Proclamation of Sept. 13, 1783, and was arrested in Baltimore
Co., Md. about the middle of Aug., 1784, and conveyed by his
captors, Joseph McClennan and Amos Ogden, to the jail in Philadelphia.
Being identified by Capt. Robert Gibson he was held for
trial on the charge of outlawry, tried, convicted and condemned to be
hanged in Sept., 1784"

from the Doane Family Book by A.A.Doane, 1902

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