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Springnote for Genealogy Research

Springnote is a free online notebook which I am currently using to keep all of my research as an online back-up as well as to share it (it's featured on the Springnote website). The Notebook can hold 2Gb. of storage and there is a limit of twelve notebooks per account. Files as large as 20 Mb can be uploaded and attached to individual pages. You can upload documents as large as 5Mb and they will be converted to a page in the notebook.

It is easy to insert images and videos as well as some widgets. There are different templates for specialized pages in the notebook such as slideshows, book lists, reports, schedules, calendars, recipes etc. You can even export pages to blog posts and import your blog.

I have my notebook set up with sub-pages and some pages that are used often are easily bookmarked. I can rearrange my pages anytime by dragging and dropping the pages where I want them. I can easily pick up where I left off previously by selecting the Updates. I can search the notebook in the search box or tags. When I'm done, I will have all of my research online, with easy access to what I'm looking for.

As I further my research, I am going to be using my notebook to store it in, it is very convenient. I have decided that, when I have all of the information and sources that I have on my computer, I can download the whole thing and put it on a thumb drive.

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