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Creating Family Timelines

I have found when researching my family, it is helpful to make a Family Timeline with all of the events and sources that I have gathered. As I find more sources and events, I add them to the timeline. This way, it is easier for me to see if there are any gaps that need to be researched and filled in.

For example, I am researching my Loyalist Haines family at the moment and have made a timeline for them. Since my two Loyalist ancestors are father and son, I have included both of them and included …

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Happy Loyalist Day! My Loyalist Ancestors

My Loyalist ancestors came from Tryon County, New York, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.The Haines family came from Germany and were living in Johnstown, in the Mohawk Valley when they had to make a choice, follow the crowd or do what's right. They chose the latter and endured the wrath of the rebels. The able-bodied men were mustered into John Butler's Corp of Rangers which later became known as Butler's Rangers. Mrs. Joseph Haines, Sr. (her name is not known) stayed …

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Nathaniel Haines, UEL

Nathaniel Haines, my 3rd great-grandfather, was born in Johnsonville, Tryon County, New York about 1760, son of Joseph Haines, Sr.,a recent immigrant from Gemany. He served in the King's Royal Rangers alongside two of his brothers. He then joined John Butler's Corp of Rangers until the disbandment at the endof the Revolutionary war.
Nathaniel went with his family, who were accompanied by Col. Butler and his rangers to Lachine, Lower Canada, in 1781. They remained there for a few years and then t…

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